Posted: 2021/06/15

Introductory Meeting Between the African Marine Environment Sustainability Initiative (AFMESI) and the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) Mozambique

An introductory meeting was held between AFMESI and ACEN Mozambique on April 20, 2021. In attendance were the Country Representative of ACEN Mozambique, Dorchanay Paykhar and the Executive Secretary of AFMESI, Chiamaka Mogo.

Dorchanay shared that AFMESI’s contribution to the discussions at the 2021 African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) of April 14, 2021 (virtual event), sparked her interest in connecting ACEN Mozambique and AFMESI. She added that Chiamaka had at the event, made a connection between both the Circular and Blue economies.

During the introductory meeting, Chiamaka and Dorchanay discussed possible areas of partnership between AFMESI and ACEN Mozambique. Dorchanay mentioned that AFMESI will be useful in filling expertise gaps that exist in government institutions of Mozambique that are tasked with ensuring environmental sustainability. She will connect such institutions to AFMESI. On the other hand, Chiamaka highlighted the annual Symposium of AFMESI that usually serves as a medium for knowledge sharing and the driving of resolutions that are relevant to marine ecosystems across Africa. She expressed the interest of AFMESI in having Dorchanay involved at the next Symposium. Chiamaka added that it will be useful for the audience to get perspectives from ACEN Mozambique on marine sustainability successes/best practices as well as problem areas in the nation. Likewise, ACEN Mozambique will find the exercise worthwhile in terms of learning from representatives of other African nations at the event.