Ms. Almas Jiwani (Kenya/Canada) Almas Jiwani, President of Emeritus UN Women Canada NC and CEO of Almas Jiwani Foundation, is a fiercely vocal champion for gender equality. She is internationally renowned for her efforts to encourage women’s social, economic, and political empowerment. She spearheads initiatives where corporate growth intersects with humanitarian development. Empowering young women and girls is beyond a mission and driving force for Almas Jiwani; It is a passionate commitment to equality and integrity that is deeply woven into every initiative, project and partnership. Almas’ social enterprise and social impact venture is working to create step changes in the lives of those most desperately impacted in developing regions of the world. As CEO, Almas’ Leadership and Vision light a path toward enduring positive change by introducing fundamental enabling solutions and technologies. Almas is a powerful and influential speaker and she continues to travel across the globe to deliver keynote addresses, speeches, and presentations on improving the status of women. She addressed over 400 parliamentarians from 42 countries on the benefits of economically empowering women and the roles and responsibilities of parliamentarians at the International Assembly in the Dominican Republic and Quebec City. In 2013, Almas was appointed as a member of Magna Carta Canada honorary committee alongside with former Country Prime Ministers and high level political dignitaries. She was also appointed as good will Ambassador of the World NGO. She is a member of the Global Advisory Board of Women in Leadership – NASEBA Corporation in the Middle East and Dean, Faculty of Law at Istanbul University in Turkey, Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance, Enerdynamic and Global Warming Prevention Technologies.